BAC Facts

BAC FACT #1: Beer makes you pee!

You probably knew that...but did you know that part of the reason you get a hangover is because alcohol dehydrates the body? Help prevent hangovers by constantly drinking water while consuming alcohol- its best to alternate alcoholic beverages and water for a more pleasant morning.

BAC FACT #2: Hangovers are preventable!

Eating before and while drinking helps slow the effects of alcohol and helps to prevent hangovers; complex carbohydrates and foods high in fiber and/or protein are best (think pasta, fruit and cheese)!

BAC FACT #3: Alcohol is not an icebreaker!

Think you need alcohol to meet new people? Think again! Friendships and relationships built on drunken nights never end with good memories...or often any memories at all. All you need is some good conversation starters to break the ice!

BAC FACT #4: Drinking game can be dangerous!

More like drinking lames! Drinking games like Beer Pong and Quarters require you to drink large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. That makes it hard to know your BAC, putting you at risk for vomiting, blacking out and even coma or death. There are plenty of games that don't require alcohol! Try pool, poker, Twister, darts, Scrabble or even a good old fashion game of Go Fish!

BAC FACT #5: Take a break!

Drinking with friends or a date shouldn't be a race. Remember to pace yourself and take breaks between drinks to talk or hit the dance floor!

BAC FACT #6: Mocktail parties are a great alternative!

Mocktails, or alcohol free drinks, can give you all of the flavor and fun of a cocktail with none of the nasty side effects. Whether you like them fruity, fizzy or creamy, there's thousands of recipes to choose from so you're sure to find a Mocktail for you!

BAC FACT #7: Alcohol is not a stress reliever!

Alcohol can help reduce stress at low levels (in the green zone), but once your BAC goes past a .06, alcohol is actually increasing your bodies stress responses. Even at low levels, alcohol is not the healthiest way to reduce stress- try a relaxing yoga class, listening to music, running or exercising, or even breaking out a coloring book!

BAC FACT #8: Cover your cup!

When drinking, whether at a bar, club, or house party, an uncovered container can make it easy for someone to slip something in your drink. These substances render you unconscious, are often odorless and tasteless, making it difficult to for you to tell if your drink has been tampered with. Remember to always keep your cup covered and to not accept drinks from strangers unless you watch them being made at the bar. (*However, even if someone drank alcohol or willingly took drugs, that person is never at fault for being assaulted.)

BAC FACT #9: Dating Danger!

Many of us have heard of the dangers of date rape drugs, such as GHB or Rohypnol that can be slipped into drinks, but do you know the #1 date rape drug is? ALCOHOL! Alcohol can affect judgment and behavior and can put a person at risk for unwanted or risky sexual activity. In fact, alcohol is the drugĀ